The Marloe Muslin Scarf Swaddle




We’ve created a unique and unrivalled fabric for you and your baby. Through research and testing, we have selected the perfect weave, thread count, weight and blend of organic cotton and bamboo viscose. By combining bamboo fibres with organic cotton, our fabric is strong but still remains silky soft. Bamboo is great for sensitive skin. It is known for being anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating. Organic cotton is breathable, absorbent and strong. 




We use low-impact fibre reactive dyes. These are baby safe, and provide long-lasting and beautiful colours. Our dyes are ethical and eco-friendly; they contain no heavy metals nor any known toxic chemicals. Our dyes are manufactured in Switzerland and our dye house is in Yorkshire. The dip dye scarf swaddles are hand dyed, and subtle variations make your Marloe muslin unique.

Ways to Use a Marloe

Ways to Use a Marloe