Make it personal with a special name, date or initials

When it comes to personalisation, the possibilities are endless. From bags and scarf swaddles to photo albums, our expert craftsmen will emboss your products in gold or embroider with the finest threads to achieve a flawless finish for the perfect personalised gift or keepsake.

We ask that you allow an additional 7-10 working days for personalisation, although we will always endeavour to complete your order sooner.

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For albums & keepsake boxes

Select your product, click the 'personalise' box and type your chosen name, date or initials. Our expert bookbinders will emboss these in gold just above the centre of the front of the album or keepsake box.

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For scarf blankets & mini Marloe comforters

Select your scarf swaddle, click the 'personalise' box and type your chosen name, date or initials. For the mini Marloe comforters, just select an initial. We will embroider these in the same thread as the embroidered hem.

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For the family bag & pouch

Choose your bag or pouch, click the 'personalise' box where you can type your chosen name, date or initials and select the colour of the embroidery. The bag will always be embroidered between the central straps and the pouch in the bottom left corner.

A bespoke gift

'Personalisation' will appear in your shopping basket for you to see. Leave the rest to us. Your bespoke product will arrive on your doorstep beautifully wrapped.


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