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The Evening Standard's Edwina Langley: How motherhood brand Marloe London discovered they had some very special customers

Posted on December 22, 2016 by Marloe London

How motherhood muslin brand Marloe London discovered they had some very special customers. Marloe London thought they designed muslins for mothers and babies, until they received some touching feedback.

Marloe London, a luxury muslin brand, was originally designed for mothers with newborn babies. But when founders Marina Sevier and Chloe Riddell discovered their scarves were being given to cancer patients, a touching Christmassy idea emerged.

Chloe Riddell (left) and Marine Sevier, founders of Marloe London

Here, Marina explains what happened…

What is Marloe London?

We sell luxury scarves that double up as comfort blankets. We see our Marloes as the equivalent of Swiss army penknifes for motherhood (and beyond), as much scarves as shawls, as comfort blankets, swaddles or sarongs.

You have decided to donate 70 Marloes to London’s Royal Marsden Hospital which specialises in cancer treatment. Why? 

We both have had loved ones that have been so wonderfully cared for at the Marsden. While many of our customers are new mothers or those buying presents for babies, it turned out that Marloe blankets were also being bought for people’s friends and family undergoing cancer treatments. As a light blanket and shawl, the fabric is ultra soft, antibacterial and thermo-regulating. A couple of our customers thoughtfully gave us this feedback and we were very moved. We wanted to respond to a genuine and unexpected charity calling. 

The blankets are being delivered to patients and nurses at the hospital alongside mince pies by Gail's Bakery. How did Gail's get involved?

No Christmas present is complete without a tasty treat! We approached Gail’s Bakery because we know it cares about their local community, and its mince pies are the best in town. 

Where did the idea for Marloe London come from?

Having become mothers and stepped away from our full-time careers, we looked at each other and laughed as our favourite jumpers were covered in baby sick. Any notion of style had been replaced with cutesy, cartoonish muslin rags draped over our shoulders. We saw a gap in the market and genuinely wanted a muslin that was stylish, as well as practical. The scarf blanket was born.

How are the scarves made?

Our scarf blankets are embroidered, hand-dyed and finished in England. Our bespoke fabric is woven in a factory in China run by an enterprising and lovely businesswoman – and mother.  

 What does your brand name mean?

‘Mar’ comes from the first part of my name, Marina, and ‘loe’ comes from Chloe. London was chosen as that’s where we live!


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